Frozen hard drive
Frozen hard drive
Our Business
We are Canberra's leading computer repair service providing support for all IT & related technology for home and small business in our region.   We service all metropolitan and rural areas within 50km of the ACT and can travel as far as Bombala if required.   We have been delighting our customers in many different areas of IT and related services for over 25 years and have been working with computers and electronics since 1981.   We believe in value for money as well as quick & professional service performed by highly experienced technicians.   We offer a generous ACT Seniors Card and pension card discount, we don't charge extra for same day appointments or to service business customers and we don't send out amateurs or part time students to fix your issues.   We are not part of a franchise and are locally owned and operated so all profits stay in the local Canberra community supporting local businesses and employing local Australian staff.   We do not hire contractors using so called “Sham Contracts” and we pay many of our staff significantly above industry award rates.   We continue to grow and expand at the same time as many other computer shops are closing their doors.   On average, 85% of our appointments each week are from repeat customers, many of whom have been using us for years.
Attention to Detail
We believe in attention to detail to the point of obsession - our technicians will sometimes spend several hours researching a problem (on their own time) in order to provide the best possible outcome for our customers.   We spend extra time on difficult and complex problems so we can provide you with the best possible outcome and so we can provide an even better, faster and more professional service to the next customer who has a similar set of issues.    Once we finish every job, we even give all computers a full physical clean including cleaning keyboards, screens, cooling fans and power supplies and the inside and outside of all equipment that leaves our workshop.   As part of every service we give all computers a thorough virus and malware scan and a general tune-up even for jobs where the original problem was not related to malware or windows performance.   If you are not convinced that we will provide a better, faster, more professional, more thorough and more affordable service in every way, we invite you to put us to the test and see for yourself - our service and your satisfaction are 100% GUARANTEED!.   We keep detailed notes on all jobs we perform and maintain a database tracking everything from customers feedback to sales, parts and customers job histories so when you call we can see at a glance all the previous jobs we have done so we are always up to speed with your computers repair history before we undertake each new job.   This reduces errors and allows us to track issues that may be recurring which results in faster and more accurate diagnosis of your issues.
About Us
Our Technicians
Our technicians collectively have over 60 years of experience in almost every area of IT and related trades from programming, electronics, circuit board design and manufacturing, low level circuit design and chip programming to network cabling, electrical wiring, system design and integration, website and email hosting and design, windows server setup, maintenance and repair, computer security, malware and virus removal, design and construction of custom computer systems and networks for home and business and so much more.   Our extremely broad range of skills in all areas of technology give us a much better understanding of how things work allowing us to find better more targeted solutions to problems that create better outcomes for our customers.   We often think outside the box when solving problems - as an example, we recently had a faulty hard drive that was overheating and shutting down as soon as it was accessed then needing 10 minutes to cool down before it would start again which made it impossible to copy files off as it would shut down as soon as you started to copy the files.   After trying all the best practice solutions to recover the files which all failed, David decided to literally freeze the hard drive and then keep it running in the freezer to prevent it overheating long enough to recover the users priceless family photos (see photo).   It was a very unconventional idea but 100% successful saving the customer from an extremely expensive forensic data recovery that would have been the only other way to recover the photos.
Frozen hard drive
State of the art workshop
David Crawford (Owner)
Frozen Hard Drive !
State of the art workshop
State of the art workshop
State of the art workshop
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