DVD drive that had caught fire inside a customers computer
Our workshop and showroom at Unit 3 / 15 Darling Street in Mitchell is extremely well equipped and well stocked with spare parts and accessories.    It incorporates features such as our digital job tracking board where we track the progress of all jobs in the workshop, update notes, track parts and observations about each job and can see at a glance where everything is up to.   This means we never overlook any job and all staff know at all times what’s going on in the workshop.   The system tracks how much time every job has been in the workshop, when it was started, what has been done and what needs to be done and allows staff to spend their time working on your job, not looking for it and a bunch of scribbled sticky posti-it notes about it.   There is nothing better or more professional than a clean and well organised workshop !
Other features of our workshop usually only found in scientific labs are compressed air plumbing in the walls with multiple outlets around the workshop walls similar to that in hospital wards as well as central vacuum suction hoses.   These features allow us to properly clean dust from inside cooling systems and power supplies without opening them as well as from inside computers when we open them before we start working on them.   Keeping the workshop and the work space and parts clean is extremely important to make sure the repairs are done to the highest possible standard and that there is no dust or dirt contaminating the surface of parts before they are joined or connected together which can cause electrical continuity as well as overheating problems and a clean work space also means we can see what we are doing so we don’t make mistakes while working on your equipment and can see if there is any physical damage to a component.   Excessive dust can also be a fire risk as some parts can get very hot and the dust can potentially catch on fire.   Keeping everything organised and tidy as well as having good lighting reduces the chances of loosing small parts when we disassemble laptops and other devices containing dozens of tiny and important parts.
The workshop features 13 individual work stations, 7 with screens and ethernet ports and power points around the walls of the workshop and 6 island workstations on the island bench in the middle in the middle with hanging power points for laptop and all-in-one computer servicing.   Every work station is within arm’s reach of a compressed air and a vacuum suction hose to clean computers properly prior to and during each service.
The workshop is serviced by a server and comms rack located in a secure room that was previously used as our first dedicated workshop area but has been converted into our server room, UPS and battery room.   See the photos from Workshop 1 as we used to call it in the gallery below.    This server room has enough backup battery power to run for over 2 weeks after loss of mains power to the workshop.   It keeps our servers, security cameras and systems, phone systems and internet running where it is completely isolated from power surges or power failure.   This all results in extremely reliable web and email hosting for our business and private hosting customers.   This room originally took David 11 months to build, starting with a new empty 40 foot high-cube shipping container.   We had to start building a temporary second workshop almost as soon as workshop 1 was finished and a year after that we built what we now use, called workshop 3.   We are now sometimes running out of space in our current workshop and are looking at ways to expand our work areas again.
Our main workshop server that runs our business admin system including our status board also contains over 6,000 Gigabytes of software install files from all major software vendors covering most popular software applications including over 40 versions of Microsoft Office, every version of Windows back to Windows 2000 as well as years of versions of most software our customers need making it faster and simpler process for us to move customers from old to new computers.   We only need the license keys and we can get everything installed for our customers even if they have lost the installation links, files or disks.
This workshop fit-out from the drawing of the plans to the to the carpentry, flooring, framing, insulating, data cabling, electrical rough-in and everything in between was done by David in the evenings and weekends with help from our staff, Ben, Caleb and Tyler.   Electrical finishing, inspection and signoff by Doug Hynson Electrical and the air conditioning compressor, head unit and associated electrical installed by Voltair Electrical & Air conditioning.   As a result of this DIY construction method, it took about 10 months to complete the work.   Check out the gallery showing the various stages of construction.
Crawfords showroom and spare parts store
Crawfords state of the art new workshop
DVD drive that had caught fire inside a customers computer
Workshop 1
Workshop 3
Our Latest and Current Workshop During Construction
Our First Workshop - 100% Solar Powered
Crawfords Mitchell showroom and parts store
Crawfords state of the art new workshop
Crawfords Mitchell showroom and parts store
Crawfords state of the art new workshop
Technician opening a laptop for a service
State of the Art Workshop
State of the Art Workshop
Showroom & Parts Store
Burning a DVD was not meant to include the drive !
DVD drive that had caught fire inside a customers computer
Crawfords showroom and spare parts store
Crawfords state of the art new workshop
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